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Over the past two years, we have conducted an extensive study to improve the most important part of cycling clothing: bib shorts.


In this study, we examined the construction of a wide variety of bib shorts with a primary focus on improving comfort, performance and appearance.
The basic premise we used in the study was the number of problems.


  • Carbon bikes, wheels, seats, and footwear are getting lighter and stiffer; the human body, however, continues to be soft and therefore has to tolerate many blows. What could we do to improve body support?
  • The grip on the legs, which puts pressure on the skin, often makes cyclists (even trained athletes) appear to have gained a few pounds. What could we do to improve the fit and appearance?


The answer to this question was the Epic Bib Shorts.


FeaturesSculptural shape provides more support when pedaling. Leg panel fabric has built-in grip and offers graduated muscle support through variation in firmness.


PadThe Vapor pad is part of our new generation of pad and is a breakthrough in breathability and cushioning. The main question we asked ourselves during development was how we could improve the damping needed to cope with the stiffness of carbon bikes without adding more material to the pad. What was the response? Vapor technology.


The chamois materials consist of a breathable upper layer that reduces friction. The 2 interlayers provide breathability and improve moisture distribution.

The main layer is where the magic occurs. We use Evapore, a 3D mesh with the best cushioning quality. When subjected to stress, Evapore changes to a rubberized state that provides cushioning even when fully compressed. In addition, this material is hydrophobic, which means that it carries perspiration. The pad is always dry.
The advantages are obvious.


The pad is always compact.


Lower center of gravity in the saddle and more control of the bike.icleta.


Better stability in the saddle.


Better power transmission and less volume.


More support with only 30% of the material.


Preformed and molded around the body in pedaling position.


Perfect integration of the grips, fewer seams and materials, lightweight construction and minimalist Vapor pad for men.


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